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For confidentiality reasons it is not possible to disclose the full details of the global consumer insights projects.

In order to understand how modern Chinese parents, that are ahead of the curve, are shaping their future, you have to step into their shoes

A global consumer lifestyle research study revealed that millennial Chinese parents are raising the most well-educated generation of kids the world has ever seen. Western-European parents are raising the most well-traveled children. Consumer lifestyle trends show that millennial parents in Western Europe increasingly travel more than single people. While many Chinese parents tend to leave very young kids at home when they are very young, because they see no point in bringer them abroad since they won’t remember it anyway.


Global youth culture:

New York, Lissabon, Shenzhen and Shanghai

Future consumer behaviour needs to be considered from both a global and local perspective. Lifestyles and trends around the world are changing, affecting attitudes, beliefs, habits, and needs. As a consequence of today’s access to global information flows Millennials in Western countries have more in common with millennials in Asia than their respective parents.

Brand cultures: why do affluent Chinese millennials resonate deeply to brand campaigns of well-known Western sport shoes?

Without truly connecting to Chinese consumers it is impossible to identify the hidden forces that drives their perception and attitude towards well-known brand campaigns of Western brands.

From the inside: understanding and experiencing tomorrow’s consumer behaviour in China to identify how a brand can generate a deeper connection with their Chinese consumers

Spending time with innovators provides a picture of how the lifestyle trends they are embracing are being absorbed and assimilated into their lives.

Everyday life runs the risk of everyone thinking they just know what it means: neighbourhood stuff in New York and Shanghai

Understanding people is best done through immersions in the everyday. 

For a global brand to be a true global brand, it must not be consistent in sending the brand message the same way in all markets, but in achieving the same positioning, the same brand meaning and achieving the same relevance with its consumers across markets.

Identifying how messages and images are interpreted so that a brand can develop cultural relevant content.

Mapping the buying decisions-process in China

Instead of merely asking how Chinese consumers make their decisions, many observations in shopping malls were conducted. Additional in-home interviews and observing online shopping processes were done to get more details.

Getting behind the percentages: in-depth interviews with Chinese women in Guangzhou and Shanghai

“I don’t think women should be encouraged to pursue their dreams anymore. We already have this thought.”

Modern Chinese women were asked to respond to commercials portraying the identity and lifestyles of single women. After first sharing their life story and their opinions towards marriage. The results are noteworthy for brand marketers. The consumer research study identified the unintentional Western elements in the brand narratives and how brands could incorporate the modern Chinese perspective to secure cultural relevance.