Hacking the Cultural System 


How and why do globalisation and modernisation together with cultural heritage and identity shape changing needs and values of consumers living in different and similar geographies? How do trends play out globally? How can you culturally interpret global consumer trends? And how do consumers around the world create and negotiate cultural meanings of global consumer trends? 

This cultural module is specifically aimed at helping you to apply and leverage a cross-cultural understanding of global consumer trends. In an increasig globalising world, culture doesn’t stop at the border. The variety of upcoming lifestyles globally has never been more rich and diverse, both across regions and within them. In this module you get a grip on the global cultural mechanics of change and you learn to culturally interpret and understand representations of international consumer trends of your interest across countries of different regions of your choice.



“Something new happening in the fashion scene in Amsterdam may spread to New York, or to Tokyo, quicker than it spreads to other parts of the Netherlands.

















Why participate? 

After the training of this module: 


– you can culturally interpret and explain manifestations of global consumer trends around the world through different cultural lenses.


– you are aware of any (hidden) cultural blindspots you may have (in both cultural analysis and application).


– you can tackle the cultural complexities in the identification and application of global consumer trends.  

– you have a good understanding of the international Zeitgeist. 


– you created a global trendmap in which you apply and leverage a cross-cultural understanding of global consumer trends of your interest across countries in different regions of your choice.

More information

The training takes place at Rozenbrood Trendacademy in Amsterdam. Information about the dates, pricing, registration, location and further details of the training can be found on their website.



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